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Does Your Company Have A Digital Brexit Plan?

Posted November 15, 2017 by Guy Fagan

95% of companies here do not have a formal plan on how to deal with Brexit.  This is deeply concerning and smacks of dereliction of duty by those that should be acting.

Intertrade Ireland performed a survey of over 750 small and medium-sized companies across Ireland.  The results show that one in three exporters reported that they have already experienced negative commercial consequences due to Brexit.

Aidan Gough the Strategy and Policy Director at Intertrade Ireland said that although we are currently experiencing a buoyant economy we should not be distracted from confronting and preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.   “Our latest Business Monitor shows that over 70% of businesses are operating on very tight margins (below 10%) and therefore carry a high exposure to rising costs,” he added.

Business owners, business managers and business stakeholders need to consider right now how Brexit will impact their businesses.  There are responsibilities and obligations to shareholders and to employees to confront this issue and address the challenges of what is coming.

We all have the opportunity now to plan for Brexit.  Puting in place a Digital Brexit Plan will help you:

  • Identify areas of commercial weakness
    • Potential exposure due to relationships with UK suppliers and customers
    • Talent gaps
  • Identify areas for growth in new markets and prepare customer profiles
    • Where do these new customers hang out online?
    • What are their pain points and how can we remove those pain points?
    • How do we get their attention?
    • What is our message to them?
  • Identify areas for growth in existing markets
    • How do we gain total ownership on our clients and ensure their long-term loyalty and reward them accordingly


Step 1 is to perform a detailed and honest audit of your digital footprint including your real world and your digital communications strategy.  If this is something you need help with, contact me, I’m happy to discuss this with you, no obligation.

There are a myriad of digital tools available to you right now that can help you find mirrors of your existing clients in new untapped markets.  You already know their personalities and you already know their traits.  You know that you can help them.  You just have not met them, yet.  We can deliver them to you, ahead of Brexit.  This is an opportunity.

Talk of a “soft Brexit” must not be relied on.  We all remember during the early part of The Crash the promises of a “soft landing” and “… the Irish banks are so well capitalised compared to any banks anywhere…”.  Let us not be fooled again.

Contact me today and we can discuss your options and the opportunities that Brexit will bring to us.


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